elect rick mellon

elect rick mellon

My Platform

Public education

  • Fully Fund the Missouri Foundation Formula according to the Missouri Constitution

  • Fight to stop Charter Schools and the voucher system that take money from public schools

  • Protect the PSRS/PEERS retirement system for teachers

  • Work to keep experienced teachers in public schools.

ethics & campaign reform

  • Limit money from lobbyists to public officials

  • Extend the time before public officials can become lobbyists

  • Take big business and dark money out of campaigns by limiting financing of elections

workers Rights

  • Protect prevailing wage - Prevailing wage ensures that companies that bring in lower-cost, out-of-state labor do not outbid private companies that use state labor, keeping jobs local.

  • Stop Right To Work and the attack on unions and prevailing wage and raise minimum wage

  • Stop mandatory arbitration for employment

  • Reverse the shrinking unemployment benefits


  • Expand the Affordable Care Act to provide healthcare to low income families

  • Protect rural hospitals


  • Stop foreign owned farms

  • Keep government programs that help farmers

  • Fight for open  markets that are fair to farmers

  • The right to services that allow farmers to raise their families in rural Missouri without worry


  • Money for roads, bridges, water and sewage upgrades which would provide jobs

  • Need broadband in rural areas to increase job and business opportunities